Clinical.net is an OPIS brand.

Clinical.net is an OPIS brand and was thoughtfully created as a solution to effectively manage clinical trial data in a complex international environment. Stemming from 20 years of experience as full service clinical CRO, OPIS matches sponsor needs with customizable solutions of dedicated teams and trial management tools.
The company’s biometry and clinical operations teams have been working in close collaboration with in-house system analysts and web specialists since 2007. Medical, statistical and technological skills are put together to develop protocol-specific clinical trial databases and design extremely user-friendly tools able to manage all trial processes.


  • CRF design
  • eCRF & EDC tools implementation
  • Study portal set-up and maintenance
  • Training and technical support




  • Data Management
  • Data collection,¬†standardized coding and cleaning
  • Statistical Support
  • Planning, analysis and reporting


Clinical.net is much more than SaaS. Our people make the difference and clients can rely on advice, assistance execution and care.


Still need more?

The OPIS Clinical Operations team provides regulatory, start-up, project management, monitoring and safety services to complete a full-service offer.
Visit www.opis-europe.com

Dedicated teams
sophisticated technological tools
360° clinical trial management.