News  9 febbraio 2018

Message from the CEO of OPIS

Motivate creativity and innovate with responsibility.


OPIS is celebrating its 20th anniversary as clinical CRO and as we progress through enormous scientific and technological changes in our industry, I would like to reflect on innovation, creativity and responsibility as the fundamental values on which OPIS has built its company culture.

Innovation does not happen on its own, it needs a shared approach, it needs investment, infrastructure, planning and strategy. It means taking risks and moving forward with courage. Most of all, it cannot happen without people, without talented individuals or groups of individuals who flourish in an environment where possibilities for expression are stimulated and valued and where continuous training opportunities favor the generating of new ideas. Innovation is powered by creativity.

Responsibility stems from a sense of belonging where feeling and being part of a team translate into common goals that achieve results.

This is OPIS. In everything we do, we strive to create a working environment where people are valued.


Aldo Poli