Web Based

No additional or specific software installation is requested on the user PCs. The only thing you need is a device connected to internet and your credential. All browsers and operating systems are supported.


A trial based on Clinical.net can be completely customizable both in terms of layout and internal processes in order to be compliant with the Sponsor needs and study protocols requirements


Clinical.net is able to import/export data from external system and to communicate with them for a complete management of the study, providing immediate feedback through the online reporting module

EDC Module

The module is used to produce the electronic CRF. It foresees online data validation, queries handling, 2-step data check and all the other basic and advanced functionalities of an EDC platform. Data are entered by the investigator or can be imported from external systems

Patient Randomization

Randomization process is fully integrated within the page of the eCRF. The module allows the investigator to activate the procedure directly from the eCRF obtaining, immediately, all the information needed for this kind of process, such as randomization number, treatment arm, drug kit to be dispensed

Online Training

The eLearning module is designed to train the platform users on the protocol, the system and on all other study specific procedures, and to provided them, after the completion of an online questionnaire, a valid certificate to be archived

Protocol Deviation

This module, completely integrated into the Study Web Portal, is used to handle Protocol Deviation directly into the eCRF just like a standard query involving additional profiles such as Clinical Reviewer or Medical Monitor


Clinical.net is able to communicate with external system in order to import data into the database of the study or to export information in different formats. The connections are established via Web Services, API, flat text file or direct connection to the external data provider

Drug Management

Drug handling is one of the most important aspect in a lot of clinical study. This tool is used to handle the drug within the study. It is used both for logistic aspects and for compliance ones, ensuring users to have a real time overview of the entire process


The eSAE module is fully integrated with the eCRF and allows investigator to create a safety notification containing data from the eCRF and from the safety pages automatically merged within a PDF sent by email to the involved profiles.


Patient Reported Outcome and Patient Diaries can be now administered to the patients using our APP. It is completely integrated with the study web portal sharing the same database. It can be installed on patient’s device or provided already configured on a device handled by us.

Let us introduce Clinical.net

A bit of history

Clinical.net is a system designed and developed by the ICT Unit in OPIS. The development started in 2006 and never stopped, in February 2021 we have released the major version 4 but we are already working on the next one. The very large number of clinical study released on our platform allowed us to continuously improve the system creating new modules, new tools, adding functionalities and so on.

Clinical.net is a platform designed by clinical research professionals for clinical researcher, we consider it the result of the deep collaboration between all the OPIS departments.

We are constantly striving to deliver

A validated system

Technically Clinical.net is a web platform structured on a 3-tier architecture completely based on Microsoft Technology, both for the application layer and the database one.

We constantly involve our Quality and CSV specialist to ensure that the entire system, and all the cusomized aspect of each study, are completely validated under the GCP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11, supporting all the regulatory requirements foreseen by this kind of systems

More than 180

Clinical Study based on Clinical.net

About 2200 sites

involved around the world

7500 patients

enrolled within the system

65 Sponsor in

more than 20 therapeutic areas

Fully customizable modular framework completely developed by OPIS

Clinical.net 4.0

Clinical.net is an OPIS brand, thoughtfully created as a highly customizable e-solution. From project design to database lock, the proprietary software enables proactive study start-up management, direct electronic entry, information retrieval, and data analysis thus ensuring complete transparency across a project’s lifecycle.

Clinical.net modules can operate as standalone services or can be integrated in a Study Portal with single point of access.


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